Board Meeting Agenda August 17 2023

NIEBNA Board Meeting Agenda

5:30 - 7:00 pm, August 17, 2023

HYBRID Zoom and at Pivo

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Preliminaries (John)

Welcome & Introductions 

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes of November Board Meeting


Presentation & Reports

Approve Financial Report and Dashboard Finance Report (Lisa)

Vote on the proposed NRP plan modification

Urban Ecosystems update (Brett)

Plaque update: Scott Parkin continues to work on text for plaques for 39 buildings, and he has submitted nine for peer review. We contracted with a board member from local non-profit Preserve Minneapolis to do the peer review.

University Neighborhoods Partnership update.

Report from bylaws review committee.


Actions & Discussions

    • Get all receipts related to NNO from board members (especially food-related so we can submit through the city portal)
    • Twins Tickets Giveaway - as a 501c3, we are eligible to receive Twins Tickets to giveaway for specific games.  Is this of interest?  Give out at events?  Or use to bolster our social media engagement?
    • Notice of election of directors at September meeting, list directors who are up for re-election
      • Brett Kistner               October 2023
      • Denise Holt               October 2023
      • VACANT
      • John Larkey Secretary October 2022?
      • Lee Munnich Jr October 2023
      • VACANT Vice President
  • Roberta Swanson October 2023


  • Notice of Motion to Approve a New NRP Phase II Strategy and Reallocation of NRP Phase II Funds

In order to plan and support a variety of neighborhood events, for example the Northeast Dog Parade, National Night Out and neighborhood clean-ups, the NIEBNA Board of Directors will be voting on August 17, 2023, to amend our Neighborhood Revitalization Phase II Plan to allocate funds for this purpose. 

On August 17th, 2023, the NIEBNA Board will consider the following motion:

Motion to

(1)   Create new NRP Phase II Safety and Livability Strategy 8.2 Neighborhood Events - Plan and/or support area events and programming; and

(2)   Approve re-allocating $5,000 from NRP Phase II Safety and Livability Strategy 5.2 – Increase Pet Friendliness in the Neighborhood to new NRP Phase II Safety and Livability Strategy 8.2 -Neighborhood Events