Building Ambassador Program

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Do you?

  • Live or work in a multiunit property in the Nicollet Island - East Bank Neighborhood
  • Like to connect with neighbors
  • Want to help build community

Our neighborhood is full of rental properties, from adorable duplexes to modern new buildings with over 300 units. 

No matter what the size of the building, we want to help all of our neighbors be connected to events, issues, and news that affects the neighborhood.  Thus, we are launching our Building Ambassador Program

Building Ambassadors can be management, staff, or residents. 

Ideally, we will connect with 2-3 individuals from each rental property in the area, who are willing to regularly connect with those in their building to share NIEBNA events, news, and neighborhood happenings.

As an ambassador, you will

  • Invite your neighbors to connect with NIEBNA
  • Pass along news
  • Share events
  • Participate at least one year
  • Stay in touch with us

We will

  • Invite you to an ambassador social event every 6 months
  • Provide information on events, including
    • Text, graphics, and RSVP links
    • Printable flyers
  • Provide updates on issues and news that affect our area

How you connect with the people in your building will depend on where you live. 

So, getting the word out might mean forwarding an email, sharing a graphic to a Facebook group, putting up a flyer to a physical community board, in-person sharing at building events, making phone calls, or knocking on doors.

Please complete the information below if this sounds like something you would be interested in participating in.

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