Concept D

Our neighborhood offers a little something for everyone.

A mix of old with new, large with small, and historic with trendy.

This unique, walkable neighborhood located just steps from the

Mississippi River is rich in culture, history and recreation. It’s

the best of both worlds — a small town feel in a big city.


Concept and inspiration



What inspired the graphic treatment?

A logo inspired by vintage revival and by hand painted signs on buildings that used to be all over our neighborhood.

This style of design is: Retro, Historic, Charming


About the name: Rivertown

Emphasizes geographic location and natural attributes of the neighborhood

Fits with Uptown/Downtown/Dinkytown

Reflects the small town feel of the neighborhood

Brand attitude words include friendly, scenic, nature, charming

Potential taglines

  • Where history flows through an urban lifestyle
  • Urban living by the Mississippi River
  • A small town feel in a big city
  • Rich in culture, history and recreation
  • Your gateway to an urban lifestyle by the river
  • Your urban life by the river
  • Life is good by the river
  • Where it all began and where it’s going
  • Discover where it all began
  • Dine and relax in historic Northeast
  • Your gateway to the heart of the city
  • The historic heart of Minneapolis

Most taglines can be matched with any of the logos

Examples of use

Examples of T-Shirt, coaster and poster

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Our inspiration and design choices are based on:

Research by NIEBNA board members, our neighborhood’s history, the Hennepin County Library Digital collections, local architecture, current challenges with neighborhood name(s), neighborhood demographic and psychographic, local business, and geography.

Your feedback is important to us and will be incorporated in the final naming, logo and tagline decision. Please make sure you review all 4 logos before you submit your feedback.



All residents, business owners and property owners who live or operate in the Nicollet Island-East Bank neighborhood are automatic members of NIEBNA.


To confirm your membership and request an official survey, please fill out this simple form. Once completed and verified, you will receive an email from NIEBNA within 2 business days that will allow you to submit comments.


You can request a survey from June 17 - June 24, 2021. All feedback must be sent by July 1, 2021.


If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact NIEBNA Executive Director, Chris Lautenschlager at [email protected].