Neighborhood Survey - What is Important to YOU?

Please let us know what is important to you, as neighbors and business owners in the Nicollet Island - East Bank Neighborhood.

This 7 question survey starts with a question around general "idea buckets" then hones in on specific items/ideas people would like to see.  The first question is "What are your top TWO areas our neighborhood could be better?"  

With these items as options:

  • It could be more beautiful (trees, public art, etc.)
  • We could have more shared resources (exchanges, gardens, etc.).
  • We could have more person-to-person connections (clubs, get-togethers, etc.).
  • There could be more amenities and services (stores, bike lanes, parks, etc.)
  • It could be more safe (policing, neighborhood watch, etc.).
  • We could know more about the area (history, zoning, candidates, etc.).

After your top two are chosen, additional fields will be visible, with more specific items and ideas listed, with the option to add your own ideas by using the "other" field. 

Thank you for helping us the Nicollet Island East Bank Neighborhood Association know what is important to YOU.

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