Our neighborhood association operates under the supervision and direction of its volunteer Board of Directors.

There are 15 current board members with 0 vacancies.  

Current Officers

  • President: John Larkey
  • Vice President: Sarah Ridens
  • Treasurer: Lisa Hondros
  • Secretary: Barry Clegg

Current Directors

  • Patrick Born
  • John Chaffee
  • Erik Jordan
  • Patricia Kelly
  • Brett Kistner
  • Carole Merrill
  • Lee Munnich Jr
  • Ben Parsell
  • Roberta Swanson
  • Melissa Surdyk
  • Chris Villegas

Serving on a neighborhood board is rewarding.

Current and former board members were asked, "What are you most proud of during your time on the board?" Here are some of their responses.

Meeting neighbors and supporting efforts to create community in the neighborhood. 

– Sarah Woessner

Having a voice in some of the development projects that have shaped the neighborhood. (Not so much myself but contributing to the collective voice. In the past, we have all pretty much been on the same page of what we want in our small but dense neighborhood.)

– Kyle Watkins

In my 12+ years as a NIEBNA Member and on the Board, I have participated in many beneficial volunteer activities; but I am most proud of how I have been able to focus on public safety issues. I hope in some small way, I have helped make NIEB a bit safer. 

– Jeffrey Meehan

In terms of accomplishments, the work Kathryn did to plant trees is especially exciting to me. 

– Brett Kistner

With great neighborhood involvement and the "Keep the Beat" effort, we have had the lowest crime rate of any Minneapolis city neighborhood.

– Craig Beddow

Showing up and listening. I'm a long-time resident of the neighborhood but a brand-new member of the board. I have a lot to learn. 

–Roberta Swanson