Community Meeting with Special Presentations!

We will ONLY meet on Zoom, due to the weather, please RSVP for the Zoom link!

We have some special guests joining us for our Community Meeting on February 23, and we hope you will join us via Zoom.

Please RSVP now and  INVITE a neighbor or two.

There will also be a short board meeting from 530-6 pm.


Presentations will start at 6 p.m.


Confirmed Presentations

  • Chief Brian A. O'Hara - Minneapolis Police Chief + Inspector Sean McGinty - Second Precinct Inspector, Come meet and interact with the new Minneapolis Police Chief Brian A. O'Hara and Inspector Sean McGinty from the Second Precinct.
  • Michael Rainville - Ward 3 City Council Representative, Hear area updates from Michael Rainville, who was elected in 2021 to represent the 3rd Ward—the creative and economic heart of Minneapolis.
  • Billy Menz, Park + Recreation Board 1st District Commissioner, will share updates regarding the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.
  • Ryan Herm - Urban Ecosystems, Hear an update from Partner + Principal Landscape Architect of Urban Ecosystems, Ryan Herm and NIEBNA board member, Brett Kistner on the joint reimagining of the Nicollet Island East Bank neighborhood, which will include community engagement opportunities throughout the entire process.
  • Ben Banse - Co-owner of FRGMNT Coffee, FRGMNT is a multi-roaster cafe located in Minnesota, born out of our love of coffee, excitement over trying new things, and joy in bringing people together.   Now with a location in our neighborhood.
  • Ryan Pulkrabek - Co-owner of Pivo Riverplace, Expanding opportunities for trivia and fun in our area.
  • Jerome Lee - From the Electrify Everything project, Electrify Everything is a city program built by a group of teams who have come together to share ideas and promote electrification within the Twin Cities area and beyond. Science has shown the importance of replacing gas systems with electric ones for our climate, for our health, and for our wallets.

There will also be a short board meeting from 530-6 pm.


Full NIEBNA Board Meeting Agenda

HYBRID Zoom and in-person at Riverplace


Preliminaries - Board Business Meeting

Welcome & Introductions

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes of November Board Meeting

Approve Financial Report (Lisa)

Communications & Outreach  Specialist (Alisa)


Presentation & Reports - Community Meeting Begins

Chief of Police (Brian O’Hara)

Precinct Inspector  (Sean McGinty)

Ward 3 Update (Michael Rainville)

MPRB Update (Billy Menz)

Urban Ecosystems update (Ryan Herm and Brett Kistner)

Electrify Everything project (Jerome Lee)

New Neighborhood Businesses (Barry introduction)

  • FRGMNT Coffee (Ben Banse)
  • Pivo (Ryan Pulkrabek)
  • Fletchers? (unsure if they can attend, invited)

President Updates (Barry) - proposed grant funding neighborhood combination exploration




Proposed Modification of NIEBNA’s NRP Phase II Plan Reallocating Funding from "Affordable Housing Support" to "NRP Implementation"

NOTE: Notice of the proposed NRP Plan Modification was given at the January 19, 2023 meeting of the NIEBNA Board of Directors.

Strategy 1.1: Affordable Housing Support

Provide development and construction loans to a proven organization that is actively developing affordable housing in Minneapolis.

Description: Provide low interest loans for development of affordable housing in Minneapolis. When loans are repaid, the revenue generated may be reinvested in this or other Nicollet Island East Bank strategies.

Strategy 9.1: NRP Implementation

Support communications and labor costs associated with development and implementation of the NRP Phase II Action Plan.

PROPOSED MOTION: Approve reallocation of $25,000 from NRP Phase II Housing & Economic Development Strategy 1.1 - Affordable Housing to NRP Phase II Safety and Livability Strategy 9.1 - NRP Development and Implementation.


Next meeting date - March?






February 23, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7:03pm
ZOOM Only Due to Weather - RSVP for Link
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States
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