Expanding the North Heritage Trail

Join us and share history and stories...

A community meeting to expand the North Heritage Trail along the Mississippi River of the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Zone.


One Lourdes Place, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Wednesday, September 6, 5-6:30 p.m.
Refreshments and food will be shared

Why attend this gathering?
❖ Are you interested in history related to the Mississippi River above St. Anthony Falls?
❖ Do you want to see the elevation of Dakota history? What Métis families were leaders in early trading?
❖ Who were the African Americans that helped to build Minneapolis, working on and along the River?
❖ What interpretation ideas do you have for the success of this project?

What is the North Heritage Trail?
Pathways between Hennepin Ave Bridge and Plymouth Bridge, east and west banks of the Mississippi River, including Boom Island, B.F. Nelson Park, Nicollet Island, the former mouth of Bassett Creek.

Goal for Phase II of this Project
To propose historical content, stories, and potential locations along the North Heritage Trail for interpretive elements that emphasize underrepresented groups from the early history of Indigenous people to today.

How will this project make a difference?
Interpretive markers will share an expanded history with untold stories (BIPOC & immigrant stories). We hope to see an increased use of the North Heritage Trail by Minneapolis residents and visitors. With history and inspiring art installations, we hope to increase awareness and promote inclusivity and respect for all people.

Who is supporting this project?
This is the second funding from St. Anthony Falls Heritage Falls Board, in collaboration with the Minneapolis Park Board (MPRB) and the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) and the St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization (STAWNO) to broaden historical understanding, by including BIPOC stories on the North Heritage Trail.

Questions? Contact Rachel Hefte 612-385-0030 (text OK) or [email protected]