Neighborhood Safety Walking Groups

The Minneapolis Neighborhood Safety Clubs started in the North Loop neighborhood in 2021 when a small group of neighbors and local business owners came together - with the encouragement and support of the Minneapolis and Park Police Departments and Ward 3 Council Member Michael Rainville - to help our community during a challenging time. What began as a North Loop project, grew over time to encompass other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Today, we have Neighborhood Safety Clubs in North Loop, Mill District, Loring Park, Kenwood, Lowry Hill, East Isles, East Bde Maka Ska, Thomas Beach, Windom, and Dinkytown.

We are a self-funded, grass roots group who believe that one person can make a difference and that everyone should try.  

If you're interested expanding this effort to our Nicollet Island East Bank neighborhood, read more and sign up!!



Sign up here and you will be contacted with more information about a kickoff date and building our plans for the spring/summer.

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