Southeast Senior Partners Upcoming Events

Beyond Similes & Metaphors: Fun with Figures of Speech

Wednesday, March 23rd, 20221:30-2:30 pm

This class is co-sponsored by Southeast Seniors & Minneapolis Community Education and will be held via Zoom. It is offered on a sliding fee scale, with a suggested contribution of $0-$5.

The ancient Greeks and Romans invented hundreds of figures of speech to ornament their writing. Most of these had faded out of use by the end of the 19th century. This class will teach you a dozen figures to enhance your reading with lively examples of literature from the Bible, the stories of Sherlock Holmes, and more.

Karen Murdock is a former Geography teacher. She is passionately interested in Sherlock Holmes, gardening, and the spatial distribution of everything.

To register, please call 612-668-1100 and provide your name, phone number and email address or register online here:


Virtual Book Club: The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce
Tuesday, March 29th from 1- 2pm

Southeast Seniors partners with the Arvonne Fraser Library to offer a FREE virtual book club that meets via Zoom on a monthly basis.  There's still plenty of time to sign up if you're interested, and no cost to participate! The library provides copies of each book title for participants to borrow. To register or for more information, please call Southeast Seniors at 612-331-2302 or email us at [email protected] with your name, phone number, and email address. When you contact us, please let us know whether you'd like to borrow a book, and we can arrange home delivery!