Placemaking Project


THANK YOU - The survey has closed

Our community survey that sought feedback on 4 design choices closed on Sunday night, August 8th. We thank the nearly 200 individuals who requested a survey, as well as the 150 individuals who sent in their thoughts.

What's Next?

The NIEBNA Placemaking Task Force recently convened and discussed the feedback, and will be asking for the approval of the Task Force's preferred choice by the NIEBNA Board of Directors on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

As this is a public meeting, everyone is welcome to attend, although it is at the discretion of the NIEBNA Chair whether to allow public comment at the meeting.

The Board meeting on the 19th will be held via Zoom, to receive login information to this meeting, please RSVP HERE.

To view a PDF document of the survey results, please visit Here.


On January 21, 2021 the Nicollet Island-East Bank Neighborhood Association (NIEBNA) Board presented a CPP Priority/Placemaking Project to NIEBNA membership. Following the meeting, NIEBNA members voted overwhelmingly to approve moving forward on the initiative. After approval was granted, the Board voted to assign a task force comprised of neighborhood residents and business owners to execute the initiative. After a formal RFP process and thorough review, the task force chose a local branding firm, Kazoo Branding, to develop and execute a new brand and visual identity based on the guidelines approved by the Board and membership. After extensive research and review of more than 40 potential names, Kazoo has developed four identity concepts that we present to you here for your feedback.


Why is a Placemaking Project needed?

The East Bank portion of the neighborhood is lacking an identity, which results in a lack of community engagement/awareness. This lack of awareness results in the community being less engaged, less likely to be involved in future neighborhood events and less likely to volunteer for neighborhood initiatives like Earth Day, voting drives, charitable fundraising and historical preservation. This lack of awareness also hurts local businesses, who are also members of NIEBNA and our community. This project is focused solely on the East Bank portion of the neighborhood (Nicollet Island already has its own strong identity).


What are the goals of the project?

The goal of the Placemaking Project is to promote consistent, positive interactions between all residents, business and property owners, and the workers and guests who frequent the East Bank portion of the neighborhood. We hope to increase community awareness through the development and implementation of a concise identity and communications strategy.


How can I share my feedback?

NIEBNA members (defined as residents and business owners who live and work in the neighborhood) can request a link to a survey in order to give your feedback on this important project.


What’s next?

The NIEBNA board will review the comments and direct Kazoo to develop a final brand and visual identity based on the feedback we receive. Once the final brand is completed Kazoo will begin their Neighborhood Identity Outreach process. This outreach process will run in tandem with community engagement efforts by the NIEBNA Board/task force.


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All residents, business owners and property owners who live or operate in the Nicollet Island-East Bank neighborhood are automatic members of NIEBNA.


To confirm your membership and request an official survey, please fill out this simple form. Once completed and verified, you will receive an email from NIEBNA within 2 business days that will allow you to submit comments.


You can request a survey from June 17 - August 3, 2021. All feedback must be sent by midnight on August 8, 2021.


If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact NIEBNA Executive Director, Chris Lautenschlager at [email protected].


Task Force Members

Brad Kantrowitz

Kathryn Hammond

Kyle Watkins (Chair)

Leslie LeMair

Michael Rainville

Mike Andrus

Scott Parkin